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Web Design prices vary greatly and the old adage of "You get what you pay for" definately holds true in web design and marketing.

Many design companies do not offer, much less include, the marketing aspect in any of their design packages although the trend is changing as they see the increasing need for this particular aspect of business.

Our prices are comparable to most in the area, but we like to think we "offer more for your money".

Doing business with us will give you PROFESSIONAL QUALITY work and service, because you are paying for professional quality work and service only, not a fancy office with high overhead.
Therefore, those savings can be passed directly to you and your website needs. The actual price of your web design project will be determined after a meeting with you in which we will determine a job estimate, provided at no cost to you.

When you decide to meet with us to determine your project, it would be helpful for you to have the following information with you:

A) The type of site you need,

B) What do you want to accomplish with your site i.e. its major function,

C) Do you have a design, color-scheme, or theme in mind,

D) Are there existing photos and/or graphics available for use,

E) Do yo have exisitng text for the site,

F) Who will be your target audience (this knowledge is good to know for marketing and links),

G) What is your time line for the project to be finished.

With both of us prepared for a meeting to determine your needs, the result will be a successful and productive meeting, leading to the success of your new venture on the internet.

A 50% deposit is required BEFORE I begin design.
I do not do any sites of an illegal or offensive nature.

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We have great prices on hosting, but would recommend trying a VPS Trial if it is VPS Hosting you are looking for. Not sure which way to go? Learn about it first on the Mac OS X website.

Marilyn Dresslar, Owner/Webmaster
Coronado, Costa Rica

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